Windows Password Cracker

Windows Password Cracker 3.04

Recovery solution for lost Windows passwords


  • Processes millions of combinations using brute force
  • Can rescue lost passwords and prevent the need to reinstall Windows


  • Only works on those systems that use SYSKEY

Have you ever lost your Windows log in password or some other password related to windows? Windows Password Cracker recovers Windows passwords that have been lost or misplaced. The program uses a dictionary of 53,000 characters in various languages so it works across continents.

The program users a 'brute force' system to obtain the key as it processes over a million combinations and characters. This process obviously takes a long time but you can pause and resume it when you want. It's best left on overnight whilst you don't need to use the computer for maximum effectiveness. However note that Windows Password Cracker is only effective in systems that use the SYSKEY Microsoft protection protocol. If yours does not, you'll be wasting your time using this although there are other password crackers available for other systems.

An efficient and comprehensive password cracker but be prepared to wait whilst it processes the millions of combinations possible.

Windows Password Cracker is an easy-to-use and fast Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista password recovery software. It correctly extracts Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista usernames and passwords in national symbol encoding.

It also supports bruteforce and dictionary password recovery attacks plus it also lets you add users with known LM/NT hashes through the dialog box. It can't guarantee to recover your password but it's worth a try.

Windows Password Cracker


Windows Password Cracker 3.04

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